Besbb Tagreeda: Because of a Tweet

Masmuk Palace
A few days ago, a friend—I’ll call this person “Anonymous”—sent me an article about the recent conviction of three Saudi lawyers. The lawyers were accused of tweeting comments critical of the Ministry of Justice—and as far as I know, their exact comments and how they warranted imprisonment have only appeared in, an Arabic language site based outside the Kingdom.
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Yemen’s Friday of Dignity: Post-Revolution Questions

Sanaa demonstration 2
It took seven months for Yemen’s repressive ruler, Ali Abdullah Saleh, to be forced from his palace. It took three years for the star performers in that action, some of whom didn’t live to watch his deposal, to reach this month’s Oscars.
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Saudi Arabia’s Work Visa System

Battah men under bridgeOn July 2, when King Abdullah extended the deadline yet again for Saudi Arabia’s foreign workers to legalize or leave without facing $26,700 fines, two years in jail, or both, he was lauded in South and Southeast Asian media. But the new grace period came too late for Marwah binti Hasan.
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Turning a Corner

The call came late May.  “We’ll do the usual. The guesthouse, the flight.” Irshad, an HR assistant for the Aga Khan Development Network, was calling from Kabul to ask I would return.
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